Leaf Artwork Showcase ( http://leafartwork.com ) is a companion site of our main website: Skeleton Leaves Specialty ( leafveins.com ). The purpose of this site is to set up a public place for our customers who would like to share their ideas and creations of using our leaf  products. 

Here you can see a collection of   leaf crafts or leaf artworks provided by our talented customers. All text and pictures are copyrighted and owned only by the provider.  Comments and advices are welcomed but please be  objective and with respect.

If you’d like your projects or artworks to be shown here, please send your photos and descriptions to webmaster@leafveins.com , we can add a link to your website at your request.

If you’re interested in our leaf products, please visit our main website at  leafveins.com

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        Fairy Wings                 Gourd with Leaf                          Leaf Carving Art

 Leaf Imprint Earrings

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